A butterfly in the middle of the Aegean!

The island

Astypalaia, a small island in the Aegean, is one of the hidden treasures of the Greek island nation. The island consists of two main cities, Chora and Perama, and is known for the architecture of the Dorian civilization, as well as its unique landscapes.

The Town of Astypalaia is a picturesque town with narrow streets, white houses and beautiful mansions. The plateau of the city offers a stunning view of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding islands. The visitor can browse its alleys, visit the Astropalaia Castle and enjoy the traditional way of life of the locals.

Perama, on the other hand, is a seaside paradise with wonderful beaches and crystal clear waters. Visitors can enjoy the sun and sea at beaches such as Malta and Agios Konstantinos. In addition, Perama offers a unique culinary experience with traditional taverns serving fresh fish and other island delicacies.

Finally, Astypalaia is also known for its cultural wealth. With the museum of the White Gate and the church of Panagia Eleusis, the island hosts many historical and cultural monuments that bear witness to its rich history. All this makes Astypalaia one of the most charming destinations for those looking for an authentic Greek island experience.

Astypalaia has numerous beaches that embrace the blue Aegean with their beauty. From small picturesque sandy beaches to long beaches with fine pebbles, each offers a unique experience. Most of them are not accessible by vehicle, creating a feeling of solitude and peace, ideal for those looking for complete relaxation.